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Our firm is multidisciplinary. The holder of the office is Francisco Orozco, University Professor and criminal-civil lawyer, and associated equipment is composed of three professionals: a labor lawyer, a specialist in administrative lawyer and a lawyer specializing in banking law. We deal with companies, individuals and the public administration.


We are in Seville and Ronda. However, we are not a local office. The most of our customers are from Cadiz, Seville and Malaga. The situation of Ronda as a strategic geographical location in the center of Andalusia gives us the opportunity to address issues from all provinces of our environment. Also, we provide advice and support to other lawyers and clients from Granada, Antequera, Jerez and Córdoba.


On the other hand, our firm is headquarters of the Regional Delegation of “Serranía de Ronda” of AJE Malaga – Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

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Legal Training

Francisco Orozco is a lawyer registred in the “Colegio de Abogados de Malaga” and the “Colegio de Abogados de Sevilla”. He graduated in law from the University of Cadiz, and followed the itinerary of Public Law. He also studied Political Science and Administration at the University of Granada. He has a degree in Expert in Documents from the University of Salamanca and has a Master in lawyers from the University Antonio de Nebrija of Madrid.


In 2014 he lived in the United States. First he was in Miami, where he was prepared to apply to one of the best universities in the world: Georgetown University (Washington D.C.). After get it, he studied a “EFL Program”. In addition, he worked and attended numerous seminars and conferences in other universities in the capital city of USA (American University and George Washington University).


He is currently a PhD in Law and Social Sciences at the University of Malaga, where he is making his doctoral thesis on the regulation of Surrogacy in Spain and its legal effects (Civil Law – Family Law).


He speaks and writes Spanish and English.

Aditional Training

It has the following additional training:

  • Master of Laws of Contract with Public Administration. University of Castilla la Mancha. *
  • Course. Protection of Rights in the European Court of Human Rights. UNED.
  • Conference: Measures to combat tax fraud. Dra. Maria Bertran. University of Cadiz.
  • Course. Real Estate Law. Tripartite Foundation for employment training.
  • Expert in Immigration Law. University of Cadiz. *
  • Course. Civil liability and car insurance. User´s rights and obligations of automobile insurance policy. Instituto de Formación Empresarial Universo.
  • Seminar. Surrogacy: freedom or objectification of women ?. Area of Civil Law at the University of Malaga.
  • Seminar. Energy Efficiency and Public Administration. University of Málaga.
  • Seminar. Prison: Dysfunctions and Operators. Permanent Seminar of Criminological Research at the University of Malaga.
  • Seminar. The penalty clause in the work of Diez-Picazo. Permanent Seminar. Dr. José Miguel Rodríguez Tapias. University of Málaga.
  • Seminar. Theory of Legal Argumentation. Area of criminal law. Malaga University.

* Currently studying.
In the lawyer, the uprightness of conscience is a thousand times more important than the treasure of the knowledges. Firstly, being good; then, being honest, then, being wise; Illustration comes the fourth; Experience in the last place.
Ángel Ossorio – El Alma de la Toga.

Professional Experience

Francisco Orozco has always combined his part academic with his part professional. Always he has had self-employed business projects undertaken from a very early age.


From a young age, he created and managed several companies that have become benchmarks for their respective sectors. Intending to devote himself exclusively to the study of Laws, he sold its different businesses to close relatives, but always continued to provide legal advice integral to these companies.


One of his last projects was LAURUS, a legal consultancy specializing in of Laws of Contract with Public Administration, providing services to private and public companies.


In addition, it was Judge of the Peace of Atajate (Málaga).


Altruistically, it is representative of the PhD students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Malaga and Regional Delegate of AJE Malaga – Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

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Laurus Contratación Publica Ronda
Francisco Orozco Abogados en Ronda


Our firm is multidisciplinary. There is a team of professionals and collaborators with enough experience and knowledge to study any proposal.


We have always thought that every problem requires a different solution and, sometimes, by inertia or routine, justice can be applied mechanically. Our job must be to encourage a judge to guessing with our client. “No Judge, our case is not just any issue, our case is different,” and this is how we find the fairest. Attention to the case! That always have ours customers.


And that’s because we propose it to; convince the judge and the parties. And if we don´t have arguments… We will seek it, because that is our job.

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