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Nuestras áreas de especialización.

Real State Law

Francisco Orozco is specialized in Civil Law (Real Estate Law), like it accredits the Degree of the Tripartite Foundation for employment training (click here)


We offer a full service ranging from advice on buying and selling, leasing, or constitution of real property rights to the channeling of neighborhood conflicts or performing procedures with notaries and Land Registry.

Derecho Inmobiliario
Derecho de Familia

Family Law

The changes that society and family have every day require us to legal practitioners constant specialization and training in order to give our customers an answer according to their needs.


For this reason, currently Francisco Orozco is making his PhD at the University of Málaga within the Department of Civil Law. To make his doctoral thesis entitled “The surrogacy in Spain and its legal effect”, has attended several seminars and workshops about Family Law, besides having read and written several publications on the subject.

Law of Succession

The inheritance law involves both an obvious mastery of the Civil Code as a thorough understanding of the tax legislation of Andalusia, which we get through collaboration with different Tax Offices from Malaga and Seville. A knowledge that must also extend to private international law based on the geographical location of the properties included in the estate.


Offer advice about successions with the tax regulations, provide solutions when there is disagreement among the heirs, facilitate inheritance in family businesses or simply provide support for making grants, desheredaciones or for mere settlement of inheritance or payment of inheritance tax, is the usual work in our office.


The correct wording of a contract is vital to support the interests of each party. The rights and duties must be clear and must be assumable by stakeholders, and updated knowledge of legislation is essential to close the contract with collateral requirement.


Special interest in legal practice has the area of Defense of Consumers and Users, or car insurance. In the latter, Francisco Orozco is specialized  like it accredits the Degree of “Instituto de Formación Empresarial Universo” entitled “Liability and Auto Insurance. Rights and Obligations of Users of Auto Insurance Policy “(see here)

Commercial and Bankruptcy Law

Commercial and Bankruptcy Law refers to the set of standards for entrepreneurs and traders in the normal course of their profession. It also covers commercial transactions legally recognized as such and legal relations derived from carrying out such acts.


It is noteworthy that our office is the headquarters of the Regional Delegation of AJE Malaga – Young Entrepreneurs Association, so we are used to dealing with the business daily. In addition, Francisco Orozco has created and managed several SMEs since young.

Criminal Law

Of all the areas of law, we think that the most delicate the Criminal Law. In this matter, the heritage or other civil rights of our customers are not at risk, also at risk fundamental rights as personal as the honor, dignity or even freedom.


For this reason, the cases handled by our firm deserve special consideration. We study each case thoroughly and we prepare the defense or prosecution with special attention.


Given a matter of a criminal nature, we ask our customers to contact us as soon as possible, even on our cell phone (whatever the day and time) due to the significance that could have any statement detained, investigated accused or accuser.

Public Law

Public Administration is an instrument of the state that should guarantee fundamental rights, personal development and social welfare.


Irregularities or bad administrative practice cause damages to the citizen who feels helpless before the mechanisms of the state, the autonomous regions, and municipalities and provincial councils.


In addition, we are specialists in Laws of Contract with Public Administration. Currently, our firm is fused with the only Law Office Procurement dealing exclusively in Andalusia: LAURUS.

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Laurus Contratación Publica Ronda
Derecho Administrativo
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