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Contracts (Consumers / Insurance / Banking Law)

The correct wording of a contract is vital to support the interests of each party. The rights and duties must be clear and must be assumable by stakeholders, and updated knowledge of legislation is essential to close the contract with collateral requirement.
Special interest in legal practice has the area of Defense of Consumers and Users, or car insurance. In the latter, Francisco Orozco is specialized  like it accredits the Degree of “Instituto de Formación Empresarial Universo” entitled “Liability and Auto Insurance. Rights and Obligations of Users of Auto Insurance Policy “(see here).


  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Claims compliance.
  • Challenges.
  • Insurance Contracts.

  • Claims for loss.
  • Actions in defense of consumers and users.
  • Abusive clauses.
  • Penalty clause.

  • General Conditions of Contract.
  • Default interest.

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